Rice, meats, tapas...
Enjoy our mediterranean cuisine!

Tradition, proximity and quality

Our rice

Shellfish rice

Black rice

Rice with pork chops and vegetables

Fideuà (seafood pasta)

Our classics

Steamed mussels

Crayfish cava

Calamarsets a l'andalusa

Grilled squid or Andalusian

Beach "Morralla" (fried fish)

Fried red shrimp

Our salads

Tuna salad (with veggies form our allotment)

Catalan salad

Goat cheese salad with nuts

Salmon salad

Tomato salad with caramelized pineapple

Russian salad

Our meats

Creole barbecue


Cheese burguer



(a mix of olives, cockles, anchovies and 'langostinillos')

Anchovies from the cantabric sea

Salted small shrimp

Spicy potatoes "brava"

Anchovies in vinegar

Potatoes omelette

For younger guests

Fresh pasta

Breaded chicken beast

Breaded chicken tenders